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Student Development

Student Development Team

The school’s Student Development Team oversees the design and delivery of a holistic learning experience that all pupils undergo throughout their 6 years of education in Woodgrove Primary. Its key role is to enhance the quality of school experience for our pupils, with emphasis on values education and the development of pupils’ socio-emotional needs.  

Each level is overseen by a Year Head who works closely with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers of that level to build relationships with and understand the needs of individual pupils and, where appropriate, customise the implementation of the school’s student development programmes (including the total CCE curriculum) for the level to increase pupil engagement.

The team also aims to foster a healthy and positive school environment by inculcating good and positive behaviour whilst deterring improper behaviour. Hence, it partners the CCE Committee and Pastoral Care Committee to work with all staff on the use of Restorative Practice to establish a balanced and structured approach in the management of pupil’s behaviour, provide timely intervention and maintain positive relationships with their pupils.