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Principal's Message


We strongly believe that every child can shine. This belief undergirds all our approaches to provide a holistic education that focuses on the needs of our students and that will nurture the potential to be the best in our students. In our journey towards providing quality educational experiences, we have implemented the following:

            In 2012, we explored WSA-EC , a whole school approach towards developing effective communicators. This was further strengthened in 2017, when we attained Applied Learning Programme (ALP) to nurture effective communicators through drama pedagogies such as Readers theatre, role play and improvisation.

            In 2013, we attained Learning for Life Programme (LLP) status to develop in our students confidence, creativity and collaborative skills through dance

            Higher ability Programmes such as E2K Science was implemented in 2013, Maths HA Programme, 2014; E2K Maths: 2017 to stretch our students cognitively through interesting investigative problem solving activities. The Literature Appreciation Programme (LAP) was expanded to include LAP in MTL CL and ML.

            We embarked on NAC- resident Artist scheme in 2017 to expose our students to varied art techniques and stretch our students’ artistic strengths

            In 2017, we started a MakerSpace to allow students opportunities to explore new areas, to create and innovate through activities such as coding and STEM projects

We have sustained our learner-centred education (LCE) approach to cater to students’ respective abilities, talents and needs and to engage and motivate students to learn. Departments plan varied engaging and experiential experiences such as science busking, and use ICT-infused pedagogies such as Flipped Learning to motivate students to enjoy learning, to direct their own learning, and to learn at their own pace.

To ensure that all students receive quality teaching, support and feedback, the school practises banding, small group teaching, and team teaching. Differentiated programmes include Maths and Science Olympiad, E2K Maths and E2K Science programmes  to stretch and challenge students while intervention programmes include Learning Support Programmes for Maths and Science.

At Woodgrove, we aim to nurture not only learners and thinkers but also leaders with character. Hence, our school’s total CCE curriculum includes CCA-infused character development, and a comprehensive Values in Action (VIA) programme where the school works with the community to address community needs be it conservation or assisting the needy. Through such programmes, the school hopes to nurture students to be responsible citizens who are empathetic.  Students are also developed to act responsibly through participating as Anti -Bullying Ambassadors and Peer Leaders. The school’s two tiered, I am a Leader programme with student councillors and CCA leaders (Tier 1), and class committee (Tier 2), ensures that all students have opportunities to develop leadership competencies such as leading a team, problem -solving, and communication skills.

Our efforts in these areas have paid off as our school continues to grow from strength to strength, with our students making names for themselves in sports such as skipping, taekwando and badminton. Our students also excelled in the performing arts in the 2018 Singapore Youth Festival, and attained awards in academic competitions such as Maths Olympiad. 

Going forward, we will be focusing on further personalising teaching and learning so that we can better meet the individual needs of our students. We would like to thank all our partners, particularly our parents and Parent Support Group who have always supported us in our journey.

 Ms Josephine Ng