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Student's Well Being

Parents are requested to take note of the following information on student well-being:

1. As part of the school’s effort to improve students’ welfare, the school has introduced snack breaks scheduled before or after recess.  Students may bring their own snacks such as buns or fruits for consumption in class during the snack break. This is to cater to students who come to school without breakfast or those who may be hungry prior to dismissal.
2. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is unwell with any of the following infectious diseases or symptoms: Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD), chicken pox, red eye (conjunctivitis), gastric flu, fever, cough, vomiting, etc. To prevent the spread of infection, a child who is unwell or is given a medical certificate by the doctor should stay at home to rest. Any sick children will not be allowed to stay in the school.

3. Students are expected to attend school regularly. Any absence from school must be verified by a doctor's medical certificate or letter from the parent (for urgent private matters). This should be handed to the form teacher when the child returns to school. If a child falls sick while in school, his/her parents/guardian will be informed to take him/her home.

4. Students who are commuting daily/weekly from Johore Bahru to Singapore must fill up Form SR12 (available in the school website) providing the school with the contact number and address of a local guardian and other details.

5. Students will be considered absent should they go overseas for holidays during the school term.

6. To consult a child's teacher regarding his/her performance, progress and homework, you may email the teacher using the information found at our school website.

7. Our students should learn to be independent and responsible. To inculcate in them the good habit of checking their own bags each night, school will not accept and deliver personal items (e.g. homework, keys, pocket money, books, stationery, water bottle and food) to the students.  

8. Students are advised not to bring their hand phones to school. Those who need the hand phone for communication with home will be issued a hand phone pass after they have obtained parental permission and agreed to adhere to school hand phone guidelines.

Fetching your children to school

1. Parents who walk their children to school are requested to leave their children at the side gates. 

2. Parents fetching their children to and from the school are not allowed to drive into the school or drop the students in front of the school gate. The students should alight at the side lane beside the carpark opposite the school and drivers are to move off quickly to avoid causing congestion.

3. Parents and visitors on official business are requested to park their vehicles at the nearby HDB carpark and not along the roadside.

4. In the event of wet weather, parents will be allowed to drive into the school via Gate 1 for children to alight at Foyer 1 between 7.30 am – 8.00 am. Drivers are advised to move off immediately to avoid causing congestion.

5. As our school is situated in a silver zone, parents are advised to drive cautiously when they send their children to school.

6. Should there be a civil disturbance, curfew or an emergency, children will remain in the school building until parents/guardians are able to pick them up.