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Safety and Security

We value the safety of our students. No parents or visitors are allowed into student areas such as the classroom blocks. Parents and visitors must comply with the school’s security measures.

1. All visitors must report to the Security Guard Post at Gate 2. Visitors will have to produce their identification cards for security checks by the school Security Guards and obtain a 'Visitor Pass' before proceeding to the General Office.

2. School gates will be closed during recess (9.30 am to 11.30 am). No visitors are allowed to enter the school except for emergency cases.

3. Parents/guardians are only allowed to enter the school for the following reasons: 

  • They have valid reasons to fetch their children home before dismissal time. Parents/guardians must report to the General Office first before fetching their children home
  • They have an appointment with the Principal, Vice-Principals or teachers
  • They need to make enquiries at the General Office

4. Students are allowed to leave the school during school hours only if their parents/guardians are in the school to fetch them home.