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Rules and Regulations


The table provides general guideline for infractions.


Disciplinary Actions

Minor Offences
Improper attire and grooming
Not doing assignments
Using Vulgar Language

Major Offences
Abuse of Technology
Assault / Fighting
Cheating in assessments / tests / exams
Disruptive Behaviour
Drug / Inhalant Abuse
Leaving school grounds without permission
Open defiance and/or rudeness
Possession of weapons
Any other offences that do not fall into above categories

One or more of the following actions may be taken for each offence:
Counselling and/or warning
Compensation for damaged / stolen items
Detention Class
Demerit points
Home involvement
Offence record
Referral to external agencies
Suspension from school
Police assistance
Other Actions

Repeated Minor Offence = Major Offence
Disciplinary action for all major offences – Detention OR Suspension, including counselling and restorative practices, where necessary 

1st offence

Suspension /detention of 1-3  days or more depending on severity of the fight / injury / frequency of bullying / past records/ provocation, etc

2nd offence

suspension of 3-5 days

3rd offence

suspension of 5-10 days

4th offence onwards

more than 10 days suspension

All major offenders may lose the privilege to participate in any school activity.
They may receive a Fair Conduct Grading.
They will not be eligible for all school and MOE awards.


Detention/Suspension is only meant for major offences.

Woodgrove Primary follows a progressive discipline plan which increases the level and duration of consequences for repeated offences.


Detention can be carried out during curriculum hours or after curriculum hours. For all detention cases, parents will be informed of the reason for the detention, and the duration of the detention via email or a phone call.  Parental conferences may also be necessary at various times during the year to help modify behaviour. After - school detention is held from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m daily. All students under detention may undergo counselling and responsible thinking programme, where necessary.

Whenever necessary, social workers and outside agencies may be brought into the process. The detention must be served within 5 school days of the detention assignment.

Extended Detention

Should there be a need for extended detention, the parents and relevant staff will be informed.

Detention Rules for Students

There are rules for students during detention. Any infraction of these rules will result in extended detention.

*Detentions will be reassigned only in the event of examinations or extreme emergency.


Suspensions may be assigned from 1-3 days or 4 -10 days or more depending on the severity and frequency of the major offence especially when the health, safety, or welfare of the school community is threatened.

During the period of a suspension, the student must make up all work missed. The student is not permitted on school premises for the period of the suspension.

Any infraction of the above will result in extended suspension.

Items not to be brought to school

1. Students are strongly discouraged from bringing to school too much pocket money, expensive personal belongings to prevent loss or damage to items. The school will not be held accountable for the loss of the following items:

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, hand-held electronic games, etc
Weapons: real, fake or toys
Card games of any kind
Any other items that will disrupt the learning process
These items, if brought to school, will be confiscated and returned only to the parents.

2. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

3. Students are discouraged from cycling to school. The school will not be held accountable for the damage / loss of any bicycle.