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Principal Message

JOSEPHINE NG.jpg"I am indeed pleased to be the new principal of Woodgrove Primary. Traditionally, Woodgrove Primary has done well in the academics. I would like to commend the former principals and staff for having built the foundation for this achievement, and our school advisory committee, parents and pupils for their strong partnership with the school.
Our 2011 graduands have performed well, with more than 40 pupils attaining above 250 for their aggregate score. The school has attained above national average in most subjects. I would like to congratulate the pupils and staff for their impressive PSLE achievements.

The school has also made a mark in developing pupils in their Aesthetics and Sporting Talents with achievements in SYF Dance and Art, and in sports such as table tennis.

Woodgrove will continue to work towards realising its Vision of having Every Child succeed by developing them as learners, thinkers and leaders through our Mission of Nurturing Hearts and Enriching Minds . This year, we continue to focus on our strategic thrusts : developing independent learners with higher order thinking skills, strengthening the character development and leadership skills of our pupils and building passionate and compassionate staff.

As we embark on the task of steering Woodgrove forward, we will strengthen current programmes such asLiterature Appreciation Programme (LAP), Actively Improving Maths (AIM), High Ability (HA-Maths), Maths Olympiad, Science GROW Programme and innovative IPW projects. We will mount new strategies to continue to motivate our pupils in their learning endeavours and to stretch their critical and creative thinking.

We will enhance the talent development programme in the school such as Developing Art Talent in Education (DATE ) and School Art Integrating in Learning SAIL ) for early identification and development of pupils with different talents in the leadership, sports and aesthetic areas.

We will strengthen the learner-centred education approach such that all pupils benefit from programmes catering to their needs : where the higher ability pupils will be stretched by challenging programmes and rich tasks, and the developing learners supported through smaller group instruction and scaffolded learning such as Maths Simplified through Elementary Realization (MASTER) and Teaching Activities for Science Knowledge (TASK).

We will focus on growing a Caring Community where our pupils can thrive in a safe and conducive , where they learn to work in cooperative teams and benefit from collaborative thinking. We will work on developing the pastoral care approaches and build on pro-social skills programmes such as ` Our Friends at Socialising Time’ (Fast) programme to better foster friendship and pupils’ sense of belonging in the school.

The school premises will also be upgraded to meet the new design norms for primary school – the school would be provided with more classrooms, an indoor sports hall and special rooms. The construction would commence by the end of 2012, so more information will be provided to our parents and stakeholders in due course.

To our parents and other stakeholders, we appreciate and value your staunch support in all our activities. You are invaluable to the well-being of the pupils and the success of our learning programmes. Thank you for your generosity in giving of your time and energy as you join us in our journey forward."

Ms Josephine Ng