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Student Leadership

Woodgrove Primary believes that every pupil can be a leader and to become effective leaders, they must first learn self-leadership and then, learn to work with others and to lead others more effectively.The school provides leadership training for the various student leaders so that they grow in confidence, work together creatively to solve problems, learn social responsibility and make a difference in their class, school and the community.

The WGPS Student Leadership Development Framework

The WGPS Student Leadership Development “I AM A LEADER” programme is based on Kouzes and Posner five practices for exemplary leaders model and guides the design and placement of leadership content and experiences.

Aspects of Leaders

Kouzes and Posner 5 practices


L - Leader

Model the way

Inspire a Shared Vision

Enable others to act

able to set goals and build teams to achieve those goals


E - Entrepreneur

Challenge the process

able to work with others to plan different or new projects to improve the class, school, community; showing resilience and resourceful despite challenges

A - Ambassador

Model the Way

have the confidence and communication skills to represent the school as an ambassador and to communicate with visitors about the school Mission, Vision and Values and history.

D - Decision-maker

Challenge the process

able to work with others to make decision and solve problems/ resolve conflicts

E - Encourager

Encourage the Heart

Able to encourage and coach team members despite difficulties, constraints and problems

R - Role-Model

Model the Way

able to uphold the values of the school – respect, responsibility, care for others (school and community),especially through servant leadership; excellence mindset, drive and diligence, resilience and resourcefulness