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School Discipline

Discipline with Care

The approach we take towards discipline is to discipline with care and with dignity.
The Guiding Principles for school discipline are:
  • Guide pupils to reflect on what they have done
  • Give pupils ownership of the problem
  • Give pupils the opportunity to fix the problem
  • Leaving intact the dignity of pupils and others affected by focusing on the problem not the person
  • Allowing pupils to reconcile with those affected by actions

Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is an approach that allows pupils to initiate restoration through restitution (fixing the problem), resolution (planning and acting on the plan to prevent the problem from happening again) and reconciliation (healing) with people who had been hurt by the pupils' action.


The aim of counselling is to allow pupils to deeply reflect on their behaviours and emotions so as to equip them with the necessary coping mechanisms to improve themselves. The process of counselling also allows pupils to enhance on their social and emotional competencies through guided structures so that the underlying causal issues can be addressed more effectively.