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National Education

Our Framework

Our school's National Education (NE) framework is based on our belief: 

Every Child, A 'STAR' 

(S-Special, T-Talented, A-Articulate and R-Responsible)


We strongly believe that every pupil is special and possesses his/her talents. We also believe that every pupil is able to articulate himself/herself and is responsible for his/her actions.

Our Broad Goal

Nurturing Talents and Celebrating Diversity

Our Mission

To nurture every child to be a responsible and useful citizen.


Ultimately, we want to ensure that our pupils are able to make responsible decisions and are respectful towards one another regardless of race, language or religion.


Our school's NE framework and programmes are closely aligned to the "Head, Heart and Hands" NE Framework.


For the "Head" aspect, we hope to gear our pupils towards the following:

·         Go beyond learning the facts about Singapore and its history.

·         Pupils need to think through the issues to better understand the challenges faced by Singapore.


For the "Heart" aspect, we aim to get our pupils to:

·         Connect emotionally with the Singapore Story

·         Cultivate the love for Singapore

·         Appreciate who we are and develop a deep sense of belonging to Singapore as our home


For the "Hands" aspect,  we would like to:

·         Give pupils the opportunities to give back to society 

·         Empower pupils with the realisation that everyone has a part to contribute and create Singapore’s future

·         Get pupils to lead in different fields of society in future

We strongly believe that National Education is not a stand-alone department and we ultimately aim to infuse all the 6 NE messages and NE-related values into all aspects of the curriculum and school activities.