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Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Woodgrove Primary School’s Vision for our pupils is to develop them to be lifelong learners, young leaders with character and successful pupils in their own right; pupils equipped with the skills and moral dispositions critical for effective citizenship in an uncertain global economy.


To achieve this, the school uses the Caring Community Framework to develop the performance and moral character of our pupils.




School Values


Expected Conduct

Performance Character

what is required in order to develop talents, skills and competencies, and is oriented towards mastery of tasks.

·         Steadfast


·         Diligence

·         Drive

to practise performance character (hard work ethics) that will aid their own learning,  growth and success and that will reflect well upon themselves, their class and their school


·         Stable

·         Resilience

·         Resourcefulness

·         Successful

·         Excellence Mindset

·         Effective Communicator

Moral character

is concerned with moral traits, namely, integrity, caring, respect, responsibility, and harmony that are fundamental to help pupils discern between right and wrong, make responsible choices and be

useful citizens of Singapore.


·         Staunch

·         Respect

·         Responsibility

to learn and practise pro-social behaviors ( be courteous and responsible for self and others)


to contribute positively to school life and to community as active citizens




  • Values In Action (VIA)

The school adopts a whole school approach in the implementation of its Values In Action Programme. The activities planned for the pupils are developmental in nature where pupils get the experience to be involved in community service in stages, from the classroom, to the school and to the community. Through this extensive approach, it is hoped that our pupils will learn about civic responsibility, encourage lifelong civic engagement, and strengthen communities for the common good. Some of the activities the pupils are involved in include:




·         S.P.O.Tless Classroom – pupils help keep the classroom clean by sweeping the floor, cleaning the whiteboard and arranging the tables and chair.


·         Keep the Canteen Clean – pupils return their plates and clear the table and benches of litter


·         Games Day Carnival – Upper Primary pupils design games and run the games stall for Lower Primary pupils on International Friendship Day




·         Charity Bazaar – Primary 6 pupils collect recycled and donated items from their schoolmates to sell. Funds collected will be donated to the Singapore Cancer Society

·         Food from the Heart – Pupils from all levels donate and pack food items that are distributed to the needy and less fortunate

·         President’s Challenge – Pupils learn about the plights faced by the less privileged and raise funds to help them

·         Tetra Pak School Recycling Programme  - all pupils participate in this programme where used beverage packets are placed in a special bin which will be collected for recycling


  •  Catch Them Doing Right

This initiative aims to “catch” pupils in the act of doing something right and recognise their efforts accordingly. Staff and pupils take pictures or inform the CCE team of pupils doing good deeds such as helping their peers, picking up litter or returning lost items. These pupils and their deeds are shown to all pupils during morning assembly so that other pupils are encouraged to emulate these deeds.

  • Values Skit 

All pupils get an opportunity to infuse drama into their CCE lessons and put up a skit based on school values during school assemblies. The skit gives pupils authentic learning experiences and pupils get to explore many different situations that put their moral values to the test. Preparation for the skit also helps pupils to be responsible, build team spirit, help each other, be creative, express themselves confidently and be effective communicators.


  • School Character Award

The School Character Award introduced in 2012 recognizes and affirms pupils who demonstrate exemplary moral and performance character and outstanding personal qualities in their behaviour and actions. The award also supports the school's continuing efforts to nurture student leaders who possess good values and character such as showing care and concern, respect, integrity, diligence, perseverance and self-discipline.