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Go Green @WGPS

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We aspire to educate, inspire, and involve our students, staff and stakeholders to build a greener future.





·         Green Ambassadors

·         World Earth Day

·         World Water Day

·         Reduce Food Wastage

·         Plastic-bag starter Kit

·         Water Audit



·         NEWater Scientists

·         Waterways Cleanup @ North West

·         Every Child a Seed

·         No-Plastic-Bag Day

·         Internal & external competitions

·         Green Camp

·         Living In the Ocean (LITO)

·         Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Trail

·         SEMBCorp RECESS (REcycling is Championed and Encouraged by Students in Schools) 

·         Home Return Programme (HRP)

·         Used Textbooks Collection

·         Books-for-Hope Project 

·         Save-that-Pen

·         Youth for the Environment Day



Home Return Programme (HRP)

Students are encouraged to bring recyclables such as old newspapers, plastic bottles and Tetra Paks from home.

Collection: Last week of the Month

Collected by: Green Ambassadors in each class

Parental Support

Parents can help to play a part by encouraging your child to participate in the above activities and reinforcing the green message through the 3Rs (Reduce, Re-use & Recycle)

 Outstanding Environmentalist Award (School)

To encourage and develop Young and Outstanding Environmentalists, this award is given to individuals who:

  • Have made contributions to external local / overseas environmental conservation OR
  • Are involved in at least 85% of all school projects OR
  • Are effective Green ambassadors (Actively promoting recycling and managing of recycling corner in the class; as well as encouraging his/ her classmates to participate in green projects organised by the school)