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Overview of Core Programmes









Extensive Reading Programme (E.R.P.)


Celik Tulis


Teman Lisan

S.P.E.A.R. Programme (SPeech Enhancement And Reading)


·         MTL Fortnight

(P1 – P6 Level Competitions, P4-P6 Creative Writing Competition, P3 Wayang Kulit Workshop, P5 Khat Writing Workshop)

·         P1 – P6 External Competitions

(P4-P6 National Essay Writing Competition)


Blog Talk


Bacalah Sayang


(Bacaan Efektif berSama Teman)

Comprehension Clinic

Creative Writing Clinic

Structured Remedial Class

1.     Extensive Reading Programme (E.R.P.): Aims to instil the love for reading among students.

2.     Celik Tulis: Composition writing package using the 6 traits writing process

·         Content: explains what the writer has to say

·         Organisation: the road map which directs the reader through the paper

·         Voice: personality of the writer coming through one’s writing

·         Word Choice: being able to look critically at verbs and select those that are precise  

·         Sentence Fluency: creating a sense of rhythm

·         Convention: the rules of a language

Students will learn to write systematically through the following process: Pre-writing, Writing, Editing and Publishing.

3.     Teman Lisan: Aims to equip students with clear strategies to manage the three components of Oratorical Skills – reading aloud,    picture discussion and conversation. The programme helps students to acquire oral skills, listening skills and confidence. They may also be required to do some peer evaluation.

4.     Speech Enhancement and Reading (S.P.E.A.R.): Aims to help graduating classes prepare for their PSLE Oral Exams. Students will learn to use the 5W approaches (who, what, where, when and why) in giving details, analysis, reasons and opinions with the proper use of vocabulary and grammar. Students will also hone their skills in providing personal responses by   expressing their thoughts using examples, experiences and suggestions

5.     Blog Talk: Aims to improve students’ Malay language writing skills and ICT skills. It also aims to enhance students’ ability to communicate persuasively and collaborate effectively and to equip students with the core SEL competencies and dispositions that will help them face future challenges.

6.     Bacalah Sayang: Aims to help students who do not have the basic reading skills. Students will be guided to read using the phonics system.

7.     Bacaan Efektif Bersama Teman (B.E.S.T.): Aims to help slow readers to improve their reading skills. Students will usually be paired with buddies to guide them in their reading.