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Robotics_1.jpgThe Robotics Club in Woodgrove Primary was introduced in 2001 and the club is dedicated to motivating today’s pupils with various interesting robots to enhance their learning about Science and Technology to become technologically competent and resourceful. The vision of the club is to be the undisputed leader in technology in the school, recognised for setting exemplary performance in robot designing and programming. The main objectives of developing the CCA are to get pupils to learn basic programming and manipulation of robots, to develop creative problem-solving skills and to provide platform for pupils to work collaboratively. Opportunities are given to the pupils from the CCA to take part in both internal and external competitions where they have to use these programming know-hows and utilise their creativity, problem-solving and analytical skills to create robots to overcome obstacles against a predetermined timeline. 


Our pupils are also provided with opportunities to showcase their talent and skills by taking part in various competitions that are organized for them. This is turn, allows them to work cooperatively and collaboratively with one another towards a common goal. Moreover, through their training sessions, our pupils become more technologically competent and resourceful in facing the Socio-emotional learning and 21st century competencies effortlessly. 

Robotics Club has taken part in various competitions and have won many rewards over the years.  In 2015, some junior members took part in the World Robotics Tournament at Republic Polytechnic. The exposure they gained from the experience was invaluable. They also took part in 8th National Robopreneur Carnival 2014 and came in 2nd for Best Robot Performance, 2nd for Mechanical Design and 2nd for Most Bizarre Robot Award. National Junior Robotics Carnival is another event they took part in last year. One team came in 6th for Robot Performance and has been shortlisted to go to Russia for World Robot Olympiad and the other 2 teams got in the top 40 positions in the whole Singapore. 




- To equip pupils with the basic skills of Robotics programming so that they can engage their 
creativity in the use of Robots to perform tasks. 

- To provide opportunities for pupils to represent the school as a team in National Competitions 

World Robotics Tournament

National Robopreneur Carnival

National Junior Robotics Carnival

World Robot Olympiad

Robocup Challenge

Skills Taught: 
- Robotics programming software such as NXT Mindstorm and EV3