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Overview of Core Programmes

ICT @ WGPS: Equip. Engage. Explore.


Baseline ICT Programme for all levels

The Baseline ICT Standards refers to ICT skills competencies that pupils need to benefit from an ICT-enriched curriculum. The ICT training is integrated into the curriculum to help ensure that pupils acquire the basic IT skills and apply what they have learnt in their various subjects.


Integration of ICT

The use of ICT allows teachers to better engage pupils in their learning experiences. Integrating ICT within the various curriculum (e.g. English, Math, Science, Art, Music) and platforms (e.g. Intergrated Project Work - IPW), will equip our pupils to be thinkers and innovators. From Primary 1 to Primary 6, we have progressively integrated the use of ICT in various subjects and platforms.


Cyber-Wellness Programme

A 'Think', 'Sense' and 'Act' Framework guides the design of activities to deepen pupils' understanding of various cyber aspects such as cyber-bullying, game addiction, dangers of sharing personal information online (for example, in chat rooms), online socialisation (for example, making new friends via chat rooms); invasion of privacy and internet viruses.


Home based Learning (HBL)

WGPS's e-portal (MCOnline) can be accessed by pupils, teachers and parents. This online portal allows teachers to assign online work, track pupils' achievements and their progress. It allows pupils to collaborate and interact with other pupils.





Basic Operations 1

·         Knowing parts of a computer

·         Switching on the computer

·         Logging on to individual account

·         Shutting down the computer

Basic Operations 2

·         Starting an application (Google Chrome)

·         Go to a web address (www.mconline.sg)

·         Logging in to MCOnline portal

ICT Integration

·         IPW: MS Word

·         Art: Doodle Sketch (iPad)

Learning with Text

·         Type letters and words (MS Word)

·         Using the spacebar and backspace key

Cyber Wellness (Handle Inappropriate Content)

·         Recognise and avoid inappropriate content which are socially and morally unacceptable

·         Respond appropriately when encountering materials that are disturbing

·         Report access to illegal or unsuitable material on the Internet




Baseline Operations

·         Switching on and shutting down the computer

·         Starting and application. (MS Word)

·         Understand the interface of MS Word

Learning with Text

·         Typing words and short sentences with upper and lower case

·         Change appearance of text

·         Saving the word document

ICT Integration

·       IPW: Puppet Pal (iPad)

·       Art: Doodle Sketch (iPad)

Cyber Wellness

(Prevent Cyber Abuse)

·         Recognise potential dangers and take precautions when dealing with cyber contacts

·         Recognise and report situations of unethical and exploitative use to a trusted adult or authority




Learning with Text

·         Starting MS Word

·         Typing short sentences and paragraphs

·         Change appearance of text

·         Insert graphics

·         Saving the word document

ICT Integration

·        IPW: MS PowerPoint

·       EL: Vocaroo

Cyber Wellness


·         Understanding what is Netiquette

·         Tips on maintaining a positive presence online




Learning with Multimedia 1

·         Starting MS PowerPoint

·         Insert and Delete Slides

·         Applying design to slides

·         Add, remove and replace text

·         Saving presentation

Learning with Multimedia 2

·         Open existing presentation

·         Using bullets

·         Changing appearance of text

·         Inserting graphics from the Internet

·         Adding slide transition

·         Viewing slideshow

ICT Integration

·        IPW: MS PowerPoint

·        EL: Google Docs

Cyber Wellness

(Protect Private Information)

·         Understanding the importance of protecting private information

·         Understand the dangers in the Cyber World

·         Learn about tips on how to protect private information




Learning with Spreadsheet 1

·         Starting MS Excel

·         Changing appearance of cells

·         Entering and changing data in cells

·         Change appearance of data

·         Saving the spreadsheet

Learning with Spreadsheet 2

·         Open existing spreadsheet

·         Using simple formulae (=sum())

·         Applying formulae to other cells

ICT Integration

·        IPW: 2D Digital Animation

·       Art: Pottery (iPad) & StopMotion

Cyber Wellness


·         Understanding what is copyright

·         Recognise and abide by copyright regulations




Learning with Data Collection Tool

·         Introduction to Google news

·         Searching for articles in Google News (articles on internet addiction)

·         Collecting data from online resource

Learning with Multimedia

·         Present the data collected using MS PowerPoint.

·         Creating slides (at least 4 slides)

·         Formatting Text in MS PowerPoint

·         Adding design, transition and animation

·         Insert graphics

·         Saving presentation

Learning with Communication Tool

·         Send email with attachment

ICT Integration

·       Art: GIMP (Photo-Editing)

·       Music: Digital Music

Cyber Wellness (Internet & Social Media/Games Addiction)

·         The roles and implications of Social Media

·         Recognise the impact of games addiction

·         Be aware of strategies to avoid it