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Overview of Core Programmes

Reading Programme (Extensive and Intensive)

The objectives of the reading programme are to develop in students a strong reading habit, an interest in reading Chinese and strong reading comprehension skills.

The Intensive reading programme introduces different Chinese Classics to students to develop their imagination and creativity.


Young Poets Programme

Students will be introduced to poetry writing to enhance their creative writing skills.


Co-Curricular Programme

To raise students' interest in Chinese Culture and improve their language skills, the department exposes students to different Chinese cultural activities such as Paper Cutting, Tea Appreciation, and Chinese Knot Making.


Structured Remedial Programme and SPEAR Programme

Structured Remedial Programme are conducted to help students learn Chinese Language.

The SPEAR Programme aims to help students improve their oracy skills.









Extensive Reading Programme:

Reading Card, termly Book Promotion Exercise,

NIE (Newspaper-in-Education), In-class Library, Read@School


Thumbs Up Junior Magazine

Zhi Shi Hua Bao

Thumbs Up Magazine


Intensive Reading Programme:

Literature Appreciation Programme, Read@School


Penmanship Sentence Construction Sentence Extension

Short Story Writing

The Skilful Writer:

Basic Composition Writing Package

Advanced Composition Writing Package

Peer and self-editing


ACE (Ace Communication Effectively) Oral Package

Co-curricular Programme

Speech and Drama

Young Poets Programme / Young Journalist Programme /
Oracy Workshop

Vocabulary Enhancement

Structured Remedial Programme & P6 SPEAR

Cultural Programme (Chinese Calligraphy, Paper Cutting, Tea Appreciation, Chinese Knots, Opera Mask)


MTL Fortnight & P4 Cultural Camp

Learning Journey / P5 Immersion Programme