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A vibrant aesthetics environment for pupils to Appreciate. Create. Experience in Arts (A.C.E)

We believe that a vibrant aesthetics environment provides our students exposure to other forms of arts and enables our pupils to be more appreciative of their work and that of others; and enables them to be creative as they explore other alternatives to express their own feelings and thoughts


Our Art education aims to develop every child to be visually literate, capable of expressing artworks for intended meanings, and to appreciate Art. Through the process of art making, every child is nurtured to have positive characteristics that will add value to their life

Pupils would:

·  be able to create and improvise different arts forms

·  be able to describe, interpret and critique art

·  have a grounded and extended working experience with clay as one of the main art media of expression

·  understand and value arts from a variety of cultures and context

·  be able to work well independently and with others

·  have the opportunity to showcase their talent

·  develop self-confidence and sense of achievement