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Principal's Message


2015 and 2016 have been years of achievements for our school, with our students excelling in the zonal and national competitions in sports such as skipping, soccer, table tennis, and badminton. The Art department achieved a certificate of recognition in 2015, and our talented students were invited to showcase and explain their Art pieces to the public. Our dance groups have attained certificates of Distinction and Accomplishment in 2016.  Academically, we are pleased to announce that our pupil cohorts have improved from year to year, improving from a mean PSLE aggregate (standard classes) of 208 (in 2012) to 219.9 (in 2015).

Our belief that `every child can shine drives our key strategies: a learner centred approach, focusing on higher ability, talent development, and development of our pupils in the aesthetic, physical and social-emotional domains.  Our structures and curricula cater to the individual child's needs. Students from primary 3 to 6 are banded according to their ability so that the school can better meet their different learning abilities. Students who require extra support are placed into smaller groups for more personalized attention and support. Support programmes include the learning support programmes for Maths and English at Primary 1 and 2, and ICAN (Maths) and reading remediation at primary 3 and 4. Higher MT CL, Maths Olympiad, E2K science and enrichment modules such as journalism cater to the high progressive students to stretch these students. We will continue to improve our learner-centric approach, with an emphasis on the provision of differentiated, talent development programmes and personalised quality learning experiences so that our students are supported and challenged in their learning.

Children learn well when they feel safe, and supported. At Woodgrove, we promote a caring community – a strong emphasis on teachers’ pastoral care for our students. Teachers serve as moral guides and mentors, teaching their students pro-social behaviour such as respect, responsibility and cooperation, and help develop their social emotional competencies. Teachers stress performance character through high expectations for children's work and motivate students through recognition of their progress and achievement. Our teachers build relationships with their students through bonding sessions and one- to- one interactions, acknowledging their students’ individual strengths and talents so that our students feel valued as individuals. Our student recognition structures have been expanded so that students are recognised not only for excellence in academics, sports, aesthetics and leadership, both also for effort, and service.

The school believes that the quality of school experience shape the kind of students we wish to develop – learner, thinkers and leaders with character. We provide 22 CCAs and varied engaging experiences  such as the English Language Festival (ELF), music busking, guitar, ceramics, stop motion animation, archery, I- bounce aerobics, wushu, dance programmes to motivate students to enjoy learning. Higher order thinking skills solving skills are developed via level interdisciplinary project work, higher ability programmes and curricula such as SAIL Maths. The school's I am  a leader programme aims to develop leadership competencies such as leading a team, problem -solving,  and communication skills. Pupils are developed via training and leadership development programmes such as project management and participation in creative problem solving competitions (Destination Imagination).

The school works with relevant partners to introduce fresh and relevant programmes, for instance, the school has collaborated with the Gifted Education Unit on E2 k science, and the educational technology division (ETD) on Mother Tongue e- reading writing programmes and EL ICT pedagogies to improve students’ language competencies. 

Our school has grown from strength to strength. We are indeed proud of all our students who have always tried their best, and blessed in our teachers and coaches who have devoted their time and energies to making every child shine. We would like to thank our dedicated parent support group, our parent volunteers, and all parents who have walked this journey of effort and excellence with us.

Ms Josephine Ng