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Founding Principal's Message

principal.jpg.jpgWoodgrove Primary School was established in 1999 with 360 students and 15 teachers. Seven years on, the enrolment has reached the peak of 2679 students with 102 teachers.
Teachers are central to the whole process of education. Our success has been dependent on having a team of competent and dedicated professionals who plan, implement and co-ordinate a comprehensive programme of instruction. Right from the beginning, the teachers had endeavoured to strengthen their teaching skills and create a learner-centred environment to make a positive impact on the students.
The school population consists of students from diverse backgrounds in the neighbourhood. In instruction delivery, the school takes into consideration the different abilities and learning styles to ensure consistent progress in each individual's learning journey. To develop each child to his or her fullest potential, the school has a wide array of programmes that enhance their pursuit of the academics, Arts or sports. All the students are supported and actively engaged in their learning.
Parents are encouraged to partner the school. Their involvement broadens and strengthens the development of their children. Hand in hand with the school and taking keen interests in their children's education will pave the way for their children to grow into adults who are balanced, responsible and confident.
In education, teaching is more than transmission of knowledge. The culture of our school reflects shared beliefs, values and practices. The school will continue to strive to bring about a more dynamic and innovative culture and enable all the students to fulfill the aspirations of the school motto : Staunch, Stable, Steadfast, Successful.
Mrs Tan Chin Cheoh
Founding Principal (1999 - 2005)