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Former Principal's Message

principal.jpgEach and every child in Woodgrove Primary is special and very precious to us.

As teachers and educators, we are to lead by inspiration and example and to motivate by encouragement.  We are guided by the conviction that all pupils can learn and that we can make a difference in their lives.  We have also been entrusted to nurture their minds, develop their character and to equip them with a moral compass, as well as to enthuse them to seek knowledge and have the passion for lifelong learning.

While we strive to instill in them values such as respect, responsibility, determination, perseverance and the sense of pride and loyalty, we will make every effort to create a safe, positive and nurturing environment for our pupils to study in.

The school has embarked on the journey of innovative ways of teaching and learning for our pupils, and is proud to share that we have put in place programmes to nurture our pupils to be the best they can be.  Our reading programme has taken off very well as we foster the reading habit among the staff and pupils in an environment  where every pupil reads, not only the books in English but also the mother tongue languages (Chinese, Malay and Tamil).  The library was also transformed into the 'Reading Safari' in 2006, where pupils can go to read, learn, discover and search for knowledge.

Together with my team of committed teachers, Vice-Principals, and support (executive and administrative) staff, we continue to work towards realising our goal of making Woodgrove a vibrant organization with a strong culture of care, and a school of choice known for its innovative practices.  Our pupils will leave this primary school not only academically competent, but confident in themselves, compassionate towards others and valuing cultural differences among other people.

The success of the school is a shared responsibility by all stakeholders - the parents, pupils, administrators, teachers, members of the school advisory committee and the community in this neighbourhood. Together, we shall help our children to be staunch, stable, steadfast and successful.

Miss Teo Bee Eng
(Principal from 2006 - 2011)